The GMJ Events are the 'GMJ Congress' and 'GMJ Q & A Live' dedicated to our HR Global Mobility Community. GMJ Congress is a secure event for our 210+ HR Mobility Members (GMJ Ambassadors) to meet online, share and learn. GMJ Q & A Live is a Linkedin Live event HR Mobility panel show. Next up : 2022 Program.

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Up Next: Returning in 2022

The GMJ Events program returns in 2022 - Would you like to join our events? Get in touch here!

GMJ Q & A : Linkedin Live

GMJ Q & A Live is a Linkedin Live event HR Mobility Panel Show - two have been held in July & October  2021.

GMJ Q & A Returns in 2022!  
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 Watch the REPLAY of the October 2021 Show >>Click Here!<< 

Diversity & Inclusion is a cornerstone of a mobility program and wider HR policy program. Having an open international discussion of mobility professionals gives an excellent opportunity to explore and learn. How can Diversity & Inclusion make a positive impact on Global Mobility and how can Diversity & Inclusion enhance Global Mobility.

We were delighted to have the honour of welcoming four of our GMJ Ambassadors to the Stage in this latest exciting instalment of the GMJ Q & A LinkedIn Live Event!

Watch the Full July Show on the GMJ App >>here!<< 

We had the honour of welcoming three of our GMJ Ambassadors to the Stage in the first of the GMJ Q & A LinkedIn Live Event!

 • Harvinder Freeman (United States)

 • Órla Gray (United Kingdom)

 • Mateusz Wasik (Netherlands)

The inaugural event was around the ‘GMJ Channel’ of ‘Evolving Global Mobility’, asking where mobility is going, what do we need to do and ultimately what it will look like in the future..

GMJ Congress Reflections

Our HR Chairs (GMJ Senators) share their reflections on the GMJ Congress. This latest instalment is from the GMJ Channel 'GMJ Congress Reflections' starring Jennifer Ah Whaye (Switzerland) and Carolyn Volovsek (United States) who Chaired the June 2021 GMJ Congress Sessions! 

GMJ Congress Events

The GMJ Congress is a unique opportunity for GMJ Ambassadors, (HR Mobility Professionals), to meet in a safe space to connect with each other to discuss mobility and learn.

GMJ Congress Returns in 2022! 

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