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GMJ Supplier Membership

Individual Membership - ideal for an independent professional up to a team member of an international supplier of services company.

GMJ Supplier Badge

GMJ Supplier Badge

GMJ Supplier Video

Individual Membership Benefits

• Fully Certified by GMJ as a GMJ Supplier - A Supreme Supplier to Global Mobility HR.

• GMJ Supplier Video - you simply send us a video saying who you are.

GMJ Suppliers Exclusive: Access to GMJ Event options as the only partner.

Welcome Gift - Two GMJ Ads Video Slots.

• Individual Supplier GMJ Membership page on GMJ Platform.

• 'GMJ Supplier' Badge to share on LinkedIn with customised colours and adding in the Company Logo.

• Add 'GMJ Supplier' to your own LinkedIn Headline.

• Share this with your network to raise your profile.

• GMJ Membership Announcement on GMJ Social Media when you share yor GMJ Suppliers Badge.

• Membership is Transferable.

GMJ Supplier Individual Membership: Application

Annual Admin Fee: Individual Membership
$2,800 USD / £2,000 (+VAT) GBP

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Eligibility: Suppliers making the difference to Mobility HR and want to support both GMJ as well as the wider Global Mobility/Relocation industry.