GMJ is a Global Mobility organization dedicated to Global Mobility HR support, video based knowledge and events. With 240+ HR Mobility GMJ Ambassador members and select service providers, GMj Suppliers.

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GMJ: Global Mobility HR Support, Video Knowledge & Events

Global Mobility Manager

At the center of every Global Mobility Function

Global Mobility acts as a connecting hub, and at the center of the Global Mobility Function is the Global Mobility Manager. But what does this entail..?

Artificial Intelligence & Global Mobility

Bots, Robots and A.I. & GM?

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) can really make a positive difference to Global MobIlity. Join us in a glimpse into the World of Tomorrow guided by 10 HR Global Mobility Professionals (GMJ Ambassadors) ...

Global Mobility Program Size

Exploring the differences and similarities between giants and the tiny

Global Mobility Programs come in all shapes and sizes. But does the size of the Global Mobility Program make a difference to how it operates. 10 exceptional HR Professionals GMJ Ambassadors explore this very question.