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Global Mobility Knowledge & Community

Talent & Global Mobility

GMJ Ambassadors discuss how Global Mobilty is critical to Talent

Talent and Mobility is ever being further linked together and our GMJ Ambassadors (HR Mobility) explore this deeply here.

Mobility into 2022

Together we can do this

With this start of the New Year Nine GMJ Ambassadors, Mobility HR, join together to share how Mobility can be that deciding factor.

Diversity and Inclusion

Mobility making a difference to D & I

Diversity & Inclusion is a cornerstone of a mobility program and wider HR policy program. Having an open international discussion of mobility professionals gives an excellent opportunity to explore and learn. How can Diversity & Inclusion make a positive impact on Global Mobility and how can Diversity & Inclusion enhance Global Mobility.

Working Anywhere : A Study

A look into the now and the future

An impressive array of GMJ Ambassadors look into working anywhere in a study of now and tomorrow.

GMJ Q & A Live - Playback

A playback of the Live Panel Q & A Show

We are delighted that we have the honour of welcoming four of our GMJ Ambassadors to the Stage in the next exciting instalment of the GMJ Q & A Live Event - this time on Diversity & Inclusion!

Netherlands & Global Mobility

A growing destination for mobility and assignees.

The Netherlands has a lot of unique advantages for an assignee and a mobility program. The GMJ Ambassadors are here to illustrate this further.


Celebrating Pride Month

GMJ Ambassadors celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and discuss ways Global Mobility professionals can be inclusive and supportive.

Sustainability & Global Mobility

GMJ Ambassadors discuss the growing importance of sustainability within GM

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important subject within Global Mobility and the GMJ Ambassadors share ways mobility can do their part to battle the climate crisis.

Why we are GMJ Ambassadors

GMJ Ambassadors share why they are supporting Global Mobility Journeys

The GMJ Ambassadors celebrate the Global Mobility Journeys platform and explain why they have chosen to support and contribute to GMJ.

Raising the Profile of Global Mobility

The GMJ Ambassadors explore the importance of raising the profile of Global Mobility

The GMJ Ambassadors discuss how Global Mobility is coming to the forefront of businesses and how raising the profile of Mobility can massively benefit all.

Mental Health & Global Mobility

GMJ Ambassadors discuss the importance of supporting mental health

Mental health is an essential topic within Global Mobility. The GMJ Ambassadors explore the importance of supporting the mental health of Employees and their families on assignments.

Mexico & Global Mobility

GMJ Ambassadors share their knowledge of moving employees and corporations to Mexico.

Mexico is a diverse and beautiful country filled with sun, sea, and cities - making it a highly attractive location for both employees and corporations.

GMJ Regions: EMEA

Celebrating the GMJ Ambassadors in the EMEA region.

GMJ is honoured to have so many GMJ Ambassadors, HR Global Mobility Professionals, being part of the GMJ Community and helping to make our amazing Documentary Channels. This is a channel of focus and celebration on them and just a small proportion of those in the EMEA region.

GMJ Congress Reflections

Our HR Chairs look back at GMJ Congress Events

GMJ Congress is a safe place for GMJ Ambassadors (HR Mobility) to connect and learn. GMJ Congress Reflections are interviews of the HR Chairs sharing their positive reflections.

Hungary & Global Mobility

Exploring Hungary as a destination for Assignees

Hungary is a beautiful country sat in the centre of Europe, which is just one of the reasons its described as an excellent location for both expats and companies.

What is Global Mobility to the GM Team?

From the eyes of the Mobility team

The GMJ Ambassadors explore the importance of Global Mobility teams to the Global Mobility function and the view HR within the team has upon Mobility.

Evolving Global Mobility

GMJ Ambassadors explore how Global Mobility continues to evolve.

In our fast paced world, Global Mobility is constantly evolving. The GMJ Ambassadors discuss ways GM has changed and predict what they believe to be the next steps for mobility.

Poland & Global Mobility

GMJ Ambassadors celebrate Poland as a destination for Assignees

Sitting in the centre of Europe, Poland is becoming an ever more popular destination for Assignees because of its beautiful beaches, mountains, and close proximity to other European destinations.

Work from Anywhere: Immigration & Mobility

A look into the challenges and rewards

Driven by the need to continue despite challenges.

LGBTQ+ Special

A Special look into LGBTQ+ Assignee Challenges

A special look at the LGBTQ+ Challenges Assignees face and what mobility can do to actively help. An insightful series based upon interviews with Mateusz Wasik (Netherlands) who is preparing a PHD on this vital subject as well as being a GMJ Ambassador. Also starring other GMJ Ambassadors to add to the importance of this message!

Switzerland & Global Mobility

An attractive destination that has a lot to offer mobility

The GMJ Ambassadors take us on a tour of Switzerland and how it can hold exciting surprises and a few unique challenges for Global Mobility programs.

Singapore & Global Mobility

Global Mobility in one of Asia's central hubs, Singapore.

Singapore may be considered a soft landing for Global Mobility and Assignees but awareness of culture is vital. The GMJ Ambassadors Shazy and Klaudia take us on a Global Mobility tour of Singapore.

United Kingdom & Global Mobility

The GMJ Ambassadors share advice on moving assignees to the UK.

The GMJ Ambassadors share their thoughts on moving assignees to the UK and offer useful tips for fellow GM professionals.

GMJ Regions: North America

Celebrating the GMJ Ambassadors in Canada & United States

GMJ is honoured to have so many GMJ Ambassadors, HR Global Mobility Professionals, being part of GMJ and helping to make our amazing content and videos.

Canada & Global Mobility

Canada - a vast welcoming land!

Canada is know for it's cold winters but it is the warm welcoming reception that truly defines this perfect destination for Global Mobility. Our GMJ Ambassadors share their unique insights!

Duty of Care & Global Mobility

The importance of focussing on Duty of Care

3 Episodes Released. Duty of Care is key to ensuring the success of an Assignment. GMJ Ambassadors share insights on ways mobility professionals can look after the assignee & family.

Global Mobility Positively into 2021

The GMJ Ambassadors share the positives the Global Mobility community can take into 2021.

6 Episodes. 2020 was a learning experience for us all but we look positively into 2021. GMJ Ambassadors share the positives into 2021.

China & Global Mobility

China - a whole world of possibilities for an assignee.

China's fast pace in live, business and technology makes it a perfect place for an assignee and a mobility program . Our GMJ Ambassadors offer some insights into this amazing country!

India & Global Mobility

The GMJ Ambassadors share insights on moving assignees to India.

India is a beautiful country filled with culture and welcoming people, meaning it is no wonder how popular a location it is for assignees.

Securing Jobs in Global Mobility

Reflections on securing Global Mobility Jobs.

5 Episodes Released. Reflections on Global Mobility jobs in today's challenging situations and is ever so more relevant in today's world.

Happiness & Wellbeing in Global Mobility

The importance of ensuring the happiness & wellbeing.

The happiness and wellbeing of an assignee and their family is arguably one of the most important components of a successful assignment.

Australia & Global Mobility

Exploring the best ways to move Assignees to Australia.

With some of the best beaches in the world, thriving cities, and gorgeous sunshine, it is certainly no surprise that Australia is such a desired destination for many assignees.

Brazil & Global Mobility

GMJ Ambassadors share insights on assignments to Brazil

For many expats, Brazil is the dream location because of its tropical rainforests, stunning beaches, and welcoming locals - just to name a few!

United States & Global Mobility

Exploring what it takes to move Assignees to the United States

The United States is a highly desired destination for assignees, however with the rewards come challenges. The Mobility HR discuss their experiences with moving Assignees to the US and how to avoid pitfalls.

International Mindset & Global Mobility

How the modern International mindset impacts Global Mobility.

In a time where we can organise travel to another country at the click of a button, we explore the ways the international mindset impacts Global Mobility.

Global Mobility & Virtual Assignments

Exploring the implications of Virtual Assignments

The GMJ experts explore the rapidly rising trend of Virtual Assignments within Global Mobility.

Covid-19 & Global Mobility

35 Episodes from Global Mobility HR on Covid-19 & Global Mobility.

The experts share ways that COVID-19 has affected their day to day lives in Global Mobility, as well as offering advice for other GM professionals.

What is Global Mobility

Answer the most asked question in mobility!

Our GMJ Ambassador's explore the fundamental definition of Global Mobility and what it means to the business and beyond...

Strategies into Global Mobility

The GMJ Ambassadors share tips on getting into Global Mobility.

The experts share excellent tips on ways to begin a Global Mobility career.

Global Mobility Stories

The GMJ Experts share how they got into Global Mobility.

We learn how our talented Global Mobility experts began their careers and the advice they would give to those interested in the industry.

Intergalactic Assignments

The GMJ Ambassadors look to the future of Intergalactic Global Mobility Assignments.

The GMJ Ambassadors share what they believe would be the most exciting and challenging parts of future intergalactic assignments.

Keeping GM Mobile: A New Road

The experts share the importance of being mobile on assignment.

The experts explain how being mobile can drastically improve the lives of employees and their families whilst on Assignment.

Germany: Road to the Autobahn

Discussing the topic of ensuring employees are mobile.

The experts share the importance and difficulties of ensuring employees are mobile on assignments – especially relating to Germany.

Global Mobility Manager

A look at the role of Global Mobility Manager and its importance.

The Experts discuss the role of the GM Manager and explain it's importance in supporting both HR and the business.

Risk Prevention

The GMJ Ambassadors discuss risk within Global Mobility.

The GM experts discuss function risk, and why compliance is at the essence of a GM professionals' responsibilities.

Growth & Global Mobility

The GMJ Experts discuss how GM creates growth within a business.

The GMJ Experts discuss how Global Mobility enables a business to be able to grow Internationally.

Global Mobility Consultants

The experts discuss the importance of Global Mobility Consultants.

The GM Experts discuss Consultants and why they can be an excellent asset in improving the company mobility function.

Creating Global Mobility Policies

Exploring the practical challenges around developing Global Mobility Policies.

A glimpse into the many and often complex challenges that Global Mobility Professionals face when developing policy.

Global Mobility Function

The GMJ Experts Discuss the importance of the GM Function.

The GMJ Experts explain why the Global Mobility Function is so important within the business.

GMJ Channels