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''Defined by Achievements''

Global Mobility faces challenges on a daily basis and it is through the dedication, skill and knowledge of the Mobility professional's defines its very nature. ....

Connecting Global Mobility

With Global Mobility Events Online, Awards & Educational Videos. GMJ has the universal goal of developing and sharing knowledge by connecting Global Mobility & Talent Mobility HR Professionals Online. Is it time you joined GMJ?

It has become clear that Global Mobility and HR have a key partnership in enabling Global Companies to operate International Assignment & Relocation Programs – with the one aim of giving the best Assignee Experience. The expertise within Mobility Functions and that of the Professionals who run them is fundamental for the international growth of companies in an effective and compliant way.

"I believe it's really important that we correctly explain how we support our stakeholders and what it is that we do."
Becky Woods (United States) - GMJ Ambassador (Global Mobility HR Professional)

Knowledge sharing and development of critical thinking is key to this and this is what GMJ excels at by putting HR First. Being together HR Professionals in our online community from all over the globe to be one of the 280+ GMJ Ambassadors. Of course from the usual locations (USA, UK, EMEA, APAC etc.) but also those from South America, South Korea, South Africa and beyond... the limit is defined only by the reach of the internet.

"It's my way of giving back to the industry for all those people who have given back to me in the past."
Shazy Tan (Singapore) - GMJ Ambassador (Global Mobility HR Professional)