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Diversity and Inclusion

Mobility making a difference to D & I

Diversity & Inclusion is a cornerstone of a mobility program and wider HR policy program. Having an open international discussion of mobility professionals gives an excellent opportunity to explore and learn. How can Diversity & Inclusion make a positive impact on Global Mobility and how can Diversity & Inclusion enhance Global Mobility..

Global Mobility will we consider all the aspects and that it's something that, along with sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion is something that has grown in the in the near plus and it's going to continue to grow. I mean, these are evolving. People are evolving. And this kind of interaction that we have, it's different than it was not long ago, but it's been years from now, ten years before. So in this, we need to have a strong program that contemplate all these kind of different families that we are seeing. And what I have seen in the last at least for the last five years. Companies are just starting to integrate in their policies. I don't I think that also governments, some of them are also including this is kind of different families in their services.