US Immigration GMJ Workshop Feb 2024 - with Erickson Immigration Group - Global Mobility HR Event Online - Events

US Immigration GMJ Workshop Feb 2024 - with Erickson Immigration Group - Global Mobility HR Event Online

US Immigration GMJ Workshop
with Erickson Immigration Group
Feb 22, 2024

The first GMJ Workshop event online for 2024, Season Six, looking at US Immigration. This is the next in a series of special Global Mobility events held online where we put a GMJ Supplier in the question hot seat and take questions from the GMJ Ambassadors, (HR Global Mobility Professionals members of Global Mobility Journeys GMJ) and Global Mobility HR Guests.

The United States is a highly attractive destination for Global Mobility programs and assignees alike. The US Immigration system provide a unique series of challenges and opportunities that need expert assistance to be navigated. In this GMJ Workshop will shall explore some of these challenges and opportunities through the medium of answers to questions of delegates thanks to the experts from Erickson Immigration Group (EIG).

Speaker: Hiba Mona Anver, Partner, Erickson Immigration Group
Hiba M. Anver is a Partner with Erickson Immigration Group and Adjunct Faculty at the George Washington University School of Law. At EIG, she leads an international team and advises corporate clients in various industries on complex immigration matters including sponsorship, restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, and compliance.

Widely respected within the field, Hiba was named one of the top immigration attorneys for start-ups by Business Insider. She received the 2022 Diversity in Business Award by the Washington Business Journal and was named to the National Association of Women Lawyers Rising List and Women We Admire National Award in 2023.

This special event is by Global Mobility Journeys GMJ with Erickson Immigration Group who are a GMJ Supplier Member and is going to be held on Thursday Feb 22, 2024, at 11.00am EST.

The GMJ Workshop is open to Mobility HR who are GMJ Ambassadors and also open to qualified HR Mobility guests.

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