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Global Mobility & United States

Bringing Global Mobility to the Land of Opportunity

Global Mobility in the United States is an attractive opportunity. There are a lot of positives and some unique challenges. 10 GMJ Ambassadors, Global Mobility HR members of Global Mobility Journeys act as guides on this exciting voyage.

Global Mobility and those on assignment in the United States can really benefit. From a cultural perspective, the US is a very attractive location for a lot of individuals just because of the massive amount of cultural diversity. So, depending upon where you go, most major cities are going to have a huge variety of different cultures and you'll see that not only in restaurants but in shops and certain locations and neighborhoods. Anything that you can find out about the assignee and their circumstances going into the United States is going to help you to be the best supporting global mobility professional to them and really enhance that employee experience. One of the key challenges that had been top of mind for the past several years was just having to navigate through U.S. immigration. The U.S. Immigration and Tax systems are areas the Assignee and family will need support in learning as we well as the U.S. Credit system. But overall, the United States is the largest market for many companies, massive opportunities for individuals and has a lot to offer to all.