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Global Mobility Journeys Explained

Global Mobility Journeys GMJ, What is it all about?

Global Mobility Journeys GMJ is summed up well as a celebration of Global Mobility connecting Global Mobility HR.

I love the unique idea of Global Mobility Journeys has to be able to engage the global mobility community and share knowledge. And I like the idea that they're using Technology, which most of us are now. I'm connecting with other mobility professionals, having the ability to exchange stories and to ultimately support one another. The GMJ Congress (Global Mobility Event Online) is always a great place where you can see your professional colleagues that you don't normally get to see. It's a it's a wonderful opportunity to bring everyone together to talk about current events and really find out what are other people doing in their Global Mobility programs. So you can then take that back andand make your Global Mobility program better.