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China & Global Mobility

China - a whole world of possibilities for an assignee.

China's fast pace in live, business and technology makes it a perfect place for an assignee and a mobility program . Our GMJ Ambassadors offer some insights into this amazing country!

The country is very fast paced, business negotiations are very fast paced as well. So once your company and your business gets set up in China, it's actually it can go really fast. There is a lot of great cities for expats to live here, and that could be you know, the capital, Beijing, or it could be the financial center of Shanghai, which is very artistic and cultural and it can also be the Great Bay Area down south near Hong Kong with Shenzhen, which has great weather. And a lot of new tech startups like to Silicon Valley of China. So I think that people really underestimate the country The first tip when you're going to China is to hire a local visa agency because of the ever changing bureaucracy and the ever changing entry immigration policies there is here. What might be a policy last year is not a policy this year.