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Evolving Global Mobility

What will Global Mobility look like in the Future?

Global Mobility, Talent Mobility.. what is next.. what does the future hold ? The GMJ Ambassadors (Global Mobility HR) discuss ways Mobility has changed and predict what may be next.

Global Mobility and by proxy Talent Mobility will expand. It will have more knowledge of risk and compliance management. It's interesting because global mobility along with the benefits that it has, because of the growing talent and because we were building capabilities of other people, somehow there is a huge cost to it. So there is a budget that is contributed to this relocation in the future ways of working with the hires, the technology and the new information that we're receiving. We will have to start looking at virtual assignments or working from different locations for the new one and really looking to reduce the number of mobilization. So that's the coming in new ways because of the recent changes.