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June 2022 - GMJ Congress APAC-EMEA - Online Global Mobility Event

GMJ Congress APAC - EMEA June 2022 - Online Global Mobility Event

GMJ Congress June 2022 : APAC-EMEA Online Event

The GMJ Congress is a unique opportunity for GMJ Ambassadors, (HR Global Mobility Professionals), to meet in a safe space online to connect with each other to discuss mobility and learn. The June 2022 GMJ Congress is a special OPEN DAY session dedicated to Mental Health, Well-Being and Global Mobility. The APAC-EMEA Session will be on 22 June 2022.

We are honoured to have Two HR Chairs (HR Global Mobility - GMJ Ambassadors) Shumin Yeo (Singapore) & Yuki Watanabe (Germany) in this ever important debate on Mental Health, Well-Being and Mobility.

We are delighted to have this GMJ Congress supported by our long time GMJ Supplier International Autosource.

The GMJ Congress is open to Mobility HR who are GMJ Ambassadors, their HR Mobility Peers Guests and also for the networking the GMJ Supplier Members.

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